In Elected Office

Meet the 48 Emerge New Mexico Alumnae in Elected Office

State Legislature

Rep. D. Wonda Johnson
House District 5, Gallup, ENM ’14

Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero
House District 13, Albuquerque, ENM ’07

Rep. Debbie Armstrong
House District 17, Albuquerque, ENM ’12

Rep. Debbie Sariñana
House District 21, Albuquerque, ENM ’16

Rep. Georgene Louis
House District 26, Albuquerque, ENM ’10

Rep. Angelica Rubio
House District 35, Las Cruces, ENM ’13

Rep. Joanne Ferrary
House District 37, Las Cruces, ENM ’13

Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard
House District 43, Los Alamos, ENM ’08

Rep. Liz Thomson
House District 24, Albuquerque, ENM ’09

Rep. Linda Trujillo
House District 48, Santa Fe, ENM ’10

Democratic Party of New Mexico

Marg Elliston
Chair, Democratic Party of NM, ENM ’13

Neomi Martinez-Parra
Vice Chair, Democratic Party of NM, ENM ’18

Katharine Clark
Secretary, Democratic Party of NM, ENM ’17


Judge Debra Ramirez
2nd Judicial District, Div XXIV, ENM ’15

Judge Jennifer Attrep
1st Judicial District, Div V, ENM ’15

Judge Jane Levy
2nd Judicial District, Div XXV, ENM ’17

Judge Shannon Bacon
2nd Judicial District, Div II, ENM Founding Board Member

Judge Rosemary Cosgrove Aguilar
Metropolitan Court, Bernalillo County, ENM ’08

Judge Willow Misty Parks
Probate Court, Bernalillo County, ENM ’10

Judge Nancy Franchini
2nd Judicial District, Div V, ENM, ’14

Judge Beatrice Brickhouse
2nd Judicial District, Div IV, ENM ’10

Justice Barbara Vigil
New Mexico Supreme Court, Statewide, ENM ’12


Judge Julie Vargas
New Mexico Court of Appeals, Statewide, ENM ’14

Judge Sylvia Lamar
1st Judicial District, Div IV, ENM ’13

Judge Christina Argyres
2nd Judicial District, Div X, ENM ’06

Judge Marie Ward
2nd Judicial District, Div XIV, ENM ’06

Judge Courtney Weaks
Metropolitan Court, Bernalillo County, ENM ’13


Diana Murillo-Trujillo
Mayor, City of Anthony, ENM ’15

Renee Villarreal
Santa Fe County Councilor, ENM ’18

Diane Gibson
Albuquerque City Councilor, District 7, ENM ’11

Guadalupe Cano
Silver City Town Councilor, ENM ’11


Maggie Hart Stebbins
Bernalillo County Commissioner, ENM ’14

Susan O’Leary
Los Alamos County Councilor, ENM ’15

Anna Hansen
Santa Fe County Commissioner, ENM ’14

Tanya Giddings
Bernalillo County Assessor, ENM ’14

Alicia Edwards
Grant County Commissioner, ENM ’15

Paula Garcia
Mora County Commissioner, ENM ’18

Nancy Bearce
Bernalillo County Treasurer, ENM ’14

Anna Hamilton
Santa Fe County Commissioner, ENM ’16

School Board

Elizabeth Armijo
APS Board of Education, District 6, ENM ’09

Mara Salcido
Lovington School Board, District 3, ENM ’15

Michelle Paulene Abeyta
To’hajiilee School Board of Education, ENM ’17

Nancy Baca
CNM Governing Board, District 5, ENM ’10 

Kate Noble
Santa Fe Board of Education, District 3, ENM ’17

Andrea Cunningham
Los Alamos School Board, District 4, ENM ’15

Linda Trujillo
Santa Fe Board of Education, District 4, ENM ’10

Soil and Water Conservation District

Teresa Smith De Cherif
Valencia Soil & Water Conservation District Board Supervisor, ENM ‘14


Cynthia Hall
PRC District 1, ENM ’15