2022 Supporters

2022 Sponsors

Our sponsors believe that we need more Democratic women and non-binary individuals in elected office and that investing in training and support makes a difference. Thank you!

Drs. Glenna & Curtis Boyd
Anna O’Connell

House Majority Leader Javier Martinez
Dr. Eve Espey
Julianna Koob

NM State Senate President Pro Tempore Mimi Stewart
NM State Senator Linda M. Lopez
Las Cruces City Councilor Becky Corran
Allegra-Law, LLC
Dan Weaks & The New Mexico Wine Growers Association
Poulos & Coates, LLP
Rebel Leadership Group
Single Space Strategies
Touchet Law Firm, PC
Diana Martinez
The Fords
Jennifer Ford, Marsha Garcia, & Reena Szczepanski
Margaret Montoya, Alejandra Montoya-Boyer, & Diana Martínez
Sam Walker
Ray Vargas II

NM State Senator Carrie Hamblen
NM State Senator Liz Stefanics & Linda Siegle
NM State Representative Andrea Romero
NM State Representative Daymon Ely
NM State Representative Gail Chasey
NM State Representative Joanne Ferrary
NM State Representative Kristina Ortez
NM State Representative Liz Thomson
NM State Representative Meredith Dixon
America Votes New Mexico
Kei & Molly Textiles
The Law Office of Feliz A. Rael
The Law Office of Ryan J. Villa
Amanda Cooper & Nick Voges
Denise Torres
Gabrielle Valdez
Jon Lipshutz
Jane Wiggins
Marianna Anaya
Rebekah Gallegos & Julio Romero

NM State Senator Brenda McKenna
NM State Representative Meredith Dixon
The Bregman Law Firm
Equality New Mexico
Alesia Cappon
Brian Morris
Cholla Khoury
James C. Taylor
Jeff Steinborn
Maria Rudolfo
Pauline Lucero, Corazón Training & Consulting
Professor Ruth Kovat
Sandy Buffet

**Please note: listed sponsors made contributions from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022