2018 Candidates

42 Emerge New Mexico alumnae ran for office in 2018 - 37 won!

U.S. House of Representatives

Deb Haaland
NM 1st Congressional District, ENM ‘07

Xochitl Torres Small
NM 2nd Congressional District, ENM Bootcamp


Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard
Commissioner of Public Lands, Los Alamos, ENM ’08

State Legislature

Rep. D. Wonda Johnson
House District 5, Gallup, ENM ’14

Rep. Deborah Armstrong
House District 17, Albuquerque, ENM ’12

Natalie Figueroa
House District 30, Albuquerque, ENM ’16

Karen Bash
House District 68, Albuquerque, ENM ‘18

Rep. Linda Trujillo
House District 48, Santa Fe, ENM ’10

Jessica Velasquez
House District 22, Albuquerque, ENM Bootcamp

Karen Whitlock
House District 38, Silver City, ENM ‘16

Billie Helean
House District 57, Rio Rancho, ENM ‘18

Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero
House District 13, Albuquerque, ENM ’07

Rep. Liz Thomson
House District 24, Albuquerque, ENM ’09

Rep. Joanne Ferrary
House District 37, Las Cruces, ENM ’13

Joy Garratt
House District 29, Albuquerque, ENM ’16

Mary Jo Jaramillo
House District 8, Albuquerque, ENM ’11

Melanie Stansbury
House District 28, Albuquerque, ENM ‘17

Christine Chandler
House District 43, Los Alamos, ENM Bootcamp

Dayan Hochman-Vigil
House District 15, Albuquerque, ENM ’18

Rep. Georgene Louis
House District 26, Albuquerque, ENM ’10

Rep. Angelica Rubio
House District 35, Las Cruces, ENM ’13

Alexis Jimenez
House District 60, Rio Rancho, ENM ‘14

Rep. Debbie Sariñana
House District 21, Albuquerque, ENM ‘16

Micaela Cadena
House District 33, Mesilla, ENM ‘18

Andrea Romero
House District 46, Santa Fe, ENM ‘18


Tanya Giddings
Bernalillo County Assessor, ENM ‘14

Linda Gallegos
Sandoval County Assessor, ENM Bootcamp

Charlene Pyskoty
Bernalillo County Commission, District 5, ENM ‘18

Sara Scott
Los Alamos County Council, Position 1, ENM Bootcamp

Katherine Bruch
Sandoval County Commission, District 1, ENM Bootcamp

Karen Trujillo
Doña Ana County Commission, District 5, ENM Bootcamp


Judge Jennifer Attrep
New Mexico Court of Appeals, Statewide, ENM ’15

Elizabeth Allen
Municipal Judge, District 32, Los Alamos, ENM Bootcamp

Judge Rosemary Cosgrove Aguilar
Metropolitan Court, Bernalillo County, ENM ’08

Maria Sanchez-Gagne
1st Judicial District, Div II, Santa Fe County, ENM ’16

Cristy Carbon-Gaul
Probate Court, Bernalillo County, ENM Founding Board

Judge Jane Levy
2nd Judicial District, Div XXV, Bernalillo County, ENM ’17

Jacqueline Medina
New Mexico Court of Appeals, Statewide, ENM ’14

Judge Courtney Weaks
Metropolitan Court, Bernalillo County, ENM ’13

Kristina Bogardus
New Mexico Court of Appeals, Statewide, ENM ’17

Public Education Commission  

Glenna Voigt
Public Education Commission, District 3, ENM ’18